Germans Offer International Perspectives

Genie Lee, Editor

November 8, 2016

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High school exchange students from Heidelberg, Germany toured campus on October 27, hoping to experience a typical American school day. Volunteers from David Blumberg's German language classes acted as guides for the day,...

Art History Club Back on Track

Mikhail Vasilyev, Staff Writer

November 2, 2016

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The Art History Club will be convening in the beginning of November after some early complications. The president, senior Sierra Rawer, plans have the club go on 1 field trip to at least 1 museum every semester. At the club mee...

Vandal Drives Tractor, Breaks Pipes, Steals Laptop

Beck Chambers, Staff writer

November 2, 2016

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Over $1000 of damage and theft of property occurred on campus the evening of October 25. The vandal, who was caught on video by campus surveillance cameras, broke 2 windows and stole a laptop from the snack shack, tore off...

Block Proposal Proceeding Amidst Controversy

Isabel Owens, Opinion and copy editor

October 31, 2016

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The teachers' union approved, by a majority vote on October 26 and 27, a memorandum of understanding regarding intervention periods, a specific component of a block schedule proposal that is currently being developed by the...

MEF Funds Additional Class Sections

Rachel Szymanski, Staff Writer

October 27, 2016

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The Moraga Education Foundation has granted $475,000 to Campolindo High School as part of its annual donations to Moraga schools.  Among the many benefits, the donation will fund 15 academic course sections. In the 2015-2016...