2016-2017 Staff

Beck Chambers

Staff writer

"Scuba diving is a key aspect in my life that shapes my character. Despite all the dangers and risks, its an amazing activity" said Beck Chambers. Chambers, a high-school freshman, has been scuba diving now for three years...

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Vaughn Luthringer

Staff Writer

Only fourteen, Vaughn Luthringer has taken robotics as her lifelong passion since she was five. From robots that climb beams to robots that play soccer, Luthringer attends a "Robotics for Fun" program in Oakland that teaches...

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Ava Mason

Staff Writer

Ava Mason moved from Iowa two years ago expecting the worst when she entered Lamorinda smack in the middle of Junior high school. "I felt I wouldn't really fit in when I came to California," Mason said. Diverse and friendly,...

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Ryan Jeter


Starting this spring, Ryan Jeter will begin his of high school club basketball, a game he has played since the fourth grade. Jeter participated in CYO's (Catholic Youth Organization) club basketball. "I played for Saint Monica's...

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Rachel Szymanski

Staff Writer

Rachel Szymanski moved to Moraga, California from San Diego just three weeks prior to the start of her sophomore year. "I wasn't very enthusiastic. It's something that no high schooler wants to do, I think," Szymanski said....

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Samuel Ganten

Staff Writer

Born in Brussels, raised in Virginia, Samuel Ganten has seen a fair bit of the world. It shouldn't come as a surprise that he looks at the world slightly different than others. "Architecture is one of the most useful arts,"...

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Annette Ungermann

Staff Writer

Volunteering to help Samar-an eight year old girl from Afghanistan- learn English. This is what Annette Ungermann, sophmore in high school, does twice a month with her family. "We've only started a few months ago, but it's...

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Elle Esquer

Staff Writer

Freshman Elle Esquer described the 3 sports she plays as " fun energizing and a great experience." Unlike most 9th graders, whose schedules reflect their expectation that high school homework would take up most of their time,...

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Mikhail Vasilyev

Staff writer

"I've been training for a little over a year, and now I can do a human flagpole, one arm pull-ups, muscle-ups, and handstands," said Mikhail Vasilyev. As students you may know him as "that kid in one of your classes" Vasilyev...

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Kyle Flett

Staff Writer

Kyle Flett is an accomplished senior. He's on the track and field team and was the JV League Champion for Cross Country last year. But his passion is filmmaking, where he has been busy perfecting his skills. "I've been doing...

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Aleksandra Markovic

Staff Writer

Four days ago, junior Aleksandra Markovic moved to Moraga from her hometown of Belgrade, Serbia, to live with her childhood friend Jovana Durovic. Durovic, a senior, moved to Moraga 2 years ago for a better public school system...

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Claire Mueller

Staff Writer

Freshmen Claire Mueller began writing more seriously in the year proceeding high school. During eighth grade, she and a close friend created and managed a blog that commentated about the discontinued Nickelodeon show H2O: Jus...

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Alexandra Reinecke

Art & Literature Editor

Alexandra Reinecke, a junior at Campolindo, enjoys creative writing, studying history, and watching pre-1960s cinema. She has participated in various literary pursuits, including attending workshops at Smith College and Kenyon...

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Katy Ly

Editor in Chief

Every Thursday, Katy Ly goes to John Muir Hospital to volunteer. Ly helps out nurses by delivering charts to them and bringing items to patients. She said, "I do it because I like to help people." Ly said, "I originally...

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Genie Lee


Music is something that is precious to many people, but for Genie Lee, it's on an entirely different level. She lives and breathes piano every day of her life. Playing since she was just five years old. Lee now competes in...

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Joelle Nelson

News Editor

"There's nothing like jumping off a platform 200 feet in the air to get over your fear of heights," said sophomore Joelle Nelson. It's how she got interested in the world of extreme sports. Nelson started zip-lining at the...

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Madeleine Singh


"Oh yeah! I've been swimming for twelve years," Madeleine Singh said in the most casual tone about something not many people could do. Aside from being a sophomore at Campolindo, Singh is a big fan of swimming. She's been doing...

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Mariel Rossi deVries

Staff Writer

While many are frightened by the horror genre, senior Mariel deVries is intrigued by its unique style. Movies are not the only source, books and short stories can be just as scary. Bousman films and Stephen King novels were...

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Isabel Owens


This is Isabel's fourth and final year on the La Puma staff. But while she's not writing or editing articles, one can find Isabel on the phone, talking to people from foreign countries who are learning English.   "ESL...

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