“Knife Game” Proves Darwin Right

Colleen O'Brien, Staff Writer

May 29, 2013

YouTube is notorious for bad ideas. From dangerous stunts to embarrassing dance videos (which, by the way, your children will find someday), there’s always some new outlet for teen stupidity. Now we can count the “Knife...

MU Renovation Begins in July

Colleen OBrien, Staff Writer

May 28, 2013

Students returning to Campo next year will be faced with an enormous reconstruction project that includes the entire multi-use room complex, the cafeteria, both the music and choral rooms, and the parking lot. The project,...

Teacher-Coaches Sacrifice Time, Build Relationships

Colleen OBrien, Lifestyle Editor

May 7, 2013

You'd think with all the preparation, lesson plans, grading, and extra hours teachers put in, they'd have little time leftover to do anything else. Multiple Campo teachers, however, have opted to donate much of what little free...

High School Ends, Life Moves Forward

Colleen O'Brien, Lifestyle Editor

April 23, 2013

Nothing I observed or heard as an underclassman could have prepared me for what senior year had in store. All the college visits, applications, senioritis, and life-changing decisions forced into a single month. It’s an...

Stumph Attends National Camp

Colleen O'Brien, Lifestyle Editor

April 16, 2013

While most students spent their spring break relaxing, senior varsity swimmer Steven Stumph spent his getting in the workout of his life with the US National team. The team convened in Colorado Springs, CO from April 4 through...

Varsity Strokes Win Mission Viejo Meet, Attend Disneyland

Colleen O'Brien, Lifestyle Editor

March 26, 2013

Boys' and girls' Varsity swim team recently returned victorious from Mission Viejo swim invitational in southern California. The meet took place on March 23 at Mission Viejo Aquatics Swim Complex, in Orange County, California. Approximately...

Leprechauns Questionable, Holiday Enthusiasm Real

Colleen OBrien, Lifestyle Editor

March 14, 2013

Four leaf clovers. Leprechauns. Pots of gold and rainbows galore. I have to say that St. Patrick's Day is one of my favorite holidays. It could be because of my Irish heritage. It could be that I need a festive break in the...

Absences Impact More Than Learning

Colleen OBrien, Lifestyle Editor

March 11, 2013

Okay, so I admit it. I’ve been known to miss class on occasion for a sporting event or a field trip. And I can attest, it’s a wonderful feeling. There’s nothing better than pausing in the midst of something more fun than...

Parisi Hit with JV Softball

Colleen OBrien, Lifestyle Editor

February 27, 2013

The junior varsity softball program recently hired a new head coach, Mana Parisi. Parisi was officially assigned the post about a month ago, when she chanced to run into varsity softball coach Joe Long. According to Long, "she...

Sheeran Shines at Warfield

Sheeran Shines at Warfield

February 12, 2013