Software Side Appeals to Photo Fan

Isabel Owens, News Editor

May 31, 2016

For advanced photo student Vincent Ho, photography is a way to engage with both his technological and artistic interests. "Halfway through my freshman year I got a camera and started doing hobby photography. I took Intro sophomore...

Debate Club Earns National Ranking

May 27, 2016

Ranked 3rd in the nation for Parliamentary Debate, the debate club celebrated its most successful year since being founded in 2012 by seniors Peter Moore, Thomas Liao, and Conor Hanvey. "Natural progression" has led the club...

Common Core Testing Not Answer to Millennial Malfunctions

Isabel Owens, News Editor

May 12, 2016

The "California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress" English and math tests will be administered to sophomores and juniors from May 16 through May 27. The standards assessed by the CAASPP were developed in response...

Smith Finds Solace in Painting

Isabel Owens, News Editor

March 8, 2016

Advanced Art student Julia Smith uses painting as an outlet for her emotions and as a way to assure herself that perfection isn't necessary. "I like being able to express myself freely through painting and let my emotions out....

Catalyst for Body Shaming Alters Image

Isabel Owens, Saladman

February 25, 2016

57 years too late, but better now than never, the makers of Barbie have finally rejected the singular standard of beauty they've marketed since the debut of their first blonde-haired, white-skinned, stick-thin doll as the quintessential...

Small Squad Has Big Plans

Isabel Owens, News Editor

February 8, 2016

Girls' varsity softball tryouts were held the week of February 8. With 5 returning players, senior Grace Deskin, sophomores Abigail Morris and Ashley Thoms, and juniors Sydni Gordon and Nia Harper, there will be "just enough for...

New Partnership Measures Campus Radiation

Isabel Owens, News Editor

January 29, 2016

UC Berkeley's Department of Nuclear Engineering has launched a program, RadWatch, to investigate radioactivity in the Bay Area. The department will collect radiation data at Campolindo in an effort to involve high school students...

Pay Attention to Progress

Salamander Saladman, Saladman

January 10, 2016

The winter season can be a rough time. Seniors fight back tears in response to college rejection letters. Juniors slave away over SAT practice booklets. Sophomores realize that the 10-12 GPA is a thing, and that last year’s...

Novice Author Pens 60,000 Word Novel

Isabel Owens, News Editor

December 3, 2015

Junior Meera Rames wrote her first novel, Of Penitence and Sin, in a school-wide writing competition 2 years ago. At Ramesh’s old school in Knoxville, Tennessee, students participate annually in the National Novel Writin...

Young Sailor Inspired by Nautical Family

Isabel Owens, News Editor

December 3, 2015

Born into a family of sailors, junior Katy Zarembinski took her first sailing lesson at the age of 8, and has since continued to train every weekend on the water. Zarembinski was first introduced to the sport by her father,...

Work Ethic Helps Photog Skip Prerequisite

Isabel Owens, News Editor

November 17, 2015

1 of only 2 juniors in AP Photo, Megan Taylor practices "trial and error," a technique learned through years of personal photography, to build a technical skill set required by the senior-dominated class. Taylor has had to adjust...