Liquid Assassinations Soak Year End Celebrating

Jessie Kathan, News Editor

May 31, 2012

This past month has been filled with tests, sun, and celebration as the school year reaches its end. But it has also been filled with paranoia, cunning, and assassinations. The latter is due to “Liquid Assassins,” a senior...

Walker Named Principal

Jessie Kathan, News Editor

May 1, 2012

After a lengthy application process, the next Campolindo principal has been selected. John Walker was announced as Carol Kitchen's replacement at a School Board meeting on Wednesday May 2nd. Walker, who will officially become...

Kitchens Announces Retirement

Jessie Kathan, News Editor

March 19, 2012

Since 2000, Campo has seen many changes: in style, in facilities, in staff. One thing that has remained constant is the leadership of Principal Carol Kitchens. Now, after 39 years in education, Kitchens is stepping down. Kitchens...

Odyssey of the Mind Teams Cinch Regionals

Jessie Kathan, News Editor

March 9, 2012

After months of preparation, both high school Odyssey of the Mind teams swept regionals, earning two gold metals at the February 25th creative competition held at Concord High. Both teams will advance to the state competition. Odyssey of the Min...

SAT Questionable Path to Happiness

Jessie Kathan, News Editor

February 13, 2012

College Board won’t stop sending me emails. I haven’t the heart to tell them that second semester of my senior year is not, in fact, “The Perfect Time to Take the SAT.” Don’t worry, College Board. We’ll meet...

“Bossbots” Advance to State Competition

Jessie Kathan, News Editor

December 10, 2011

The Robotics team smashed all opponents at a recent qualifying round, guaranteeing them a spot at the State Championships. Because the team, self-christened the “Bossbots,” won every match and placed highest at their qualifier...

Much Ado Thrusts into Spotlight

Jessie Kathan, News Editor

December 10, 2011

Dance numbers, crazy characters, and plenty of pelvic thrusts greeted show goers last weekend. It wasn't a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but drama’s performance of the Shakespearean comedy, Much Ado About No...

November 7, 2011