Tuba Player Ready for College Game Days

Joelle Nelson, Editor in Chief

April 29, 2019

1st chair senior Adriana Derksen's favorite memory playing in orchestra is her freshman year visit to Chicago to play the tuba with upperclassmen. "It was just a great experience to have, to travel with the band and play in a...

Lack of Enthusiasm Unfair to Campus Leaders

Joelle Nelson, Editor in Chief

March 13, 2019

From rallys to dances to fundraisers, Leadership does a lot. Unfortunately, the lack of interest and participation by a majority of the student body can be demoralizing to those who spend so much extra time planning and hosting...

Manufacturing Course Replaces Engineering Drawing

Joelle Nelson, Editor in Chief

February 20, 2019

The Career Technical Education (CTE) department is adding an advanced version of its current Intro to Engineering class for the 2019-2020 school year. The new course, technically called Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM),...

Self-Taught Digital Artist Starts with Pranks

Joelle Nelson, Editor in Chief

January 30, 2019

3D software and Photoshop know-how are only a few of the skills junior Ivan Kornev has taught himself. Kornev was accidentally introduced to the art of manipulating pictures over 2 years ago in the process of pranking his friend...

Recent Vandalism Symptom of Parental Failure

Joelle Nelson, Editor in Chief

December 14, 2018

A number of disturbing incidents representative of a sadly surly and disrespectful attitude among too many teens have recently plagued our community. Incidents of shop lifting, property destruction, and human cruelty have all...

Group Projects Unfair to Top Students

Joelle Nelson, Editor in Chief

December 13, 2018

I recently had to take on extra work due to the lazy, unhelpful partner everyone knows is an inevitable consequence of a group project. You know what this person does: they don't show up to arranged meetings for the group,...