X-Men Flick Fast, Fun

Sarada Symonds, Editor-in-Chief

June 3, 2014

Since The Wolverine premiered in theaters last summer with a teasing post-credits scene, fans have been eager for the latest addition to the X-Men franchise. I’m happy to say, it definitely delivers.  Bryan Singer’s X...

TV Women Still Fighting Inequity

Sarada Symonds, Editor-in-Chief

May 7, 2014

Warning: There are spoilers for Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad in this article. I'm obsessed with Game of Thrones, but the popular HBO series brings up concerns about how women are portrayed in the media. Author Georg...

Series Delights Fargo Fans

Sarada Symonds, Editor-in-Chief

April 30, 2014

Fargo, a television series adaptation of the cult film by the Coen Brothers, started airing on FX on April 15. With a new story and cast of characters, the show captures the feel and humor of the original movie. As a fan of...

Live, Learn for Yourself

Sarada Symonds, Editor-in-Chief

April 28, 2014

Thank goodness I am approaching my last days of high school. All my APs and most of my finals were over weeks ago, and I've been able to spend my last days at school enjoying myself, instead of panicking about some upcoming test....

Oculus Creepy, Confusing Terror

Sarada Symonds, Editor-in-Chief

April 23, 2014

Mike Flanagan's horror film Oculus debuted in theaters on April 11, providing an original, complex plot. However, the film's complexity often takes away from the suspense, making the film less frightening overall. The most enj...

Teens Lack Financial Knowhow

Sarada Symonds, Editor-in-Chief

April 23, 2014

Campolindo has been ranked as one of the top schools in California. It has been particularly lauded for its Advanced Placement programs, in which 72% of the student body participate, according to US News. However, this catalogu...

French Speakers End Streak

Shea Danforth, Staff Writer

March 18, 2014

6 French 4/5 students were "shut out" for the first time in 10 years at the annual language competition at St. John's Presbyterian Church in Berkeley on March 10. Before the competition began, junior Samuel Austin was optimistic...