More Options Needed for Academy Time

Mia Jay, Staff Writer

June 6, 2019

While the administration has hounded students about signing up for academy sessions this year, the number of useful and available alternate academy offerings is lacking. Instead, while students get increasingly frustrated with...

Private College Adviser Just Another Status Symbol

Sebastian Fojut, Staff Writer

June 4, 2019

As college admissions get more and more competitive, students feel increasing pressure to perfect their college "resumes." In some cases, parents will even hire a private college counselor to assist with college preparations. This...

Teens Must Make Vaccination Decision

Erika Riedel, Co-Sports Editor

May 23, 2019

With our country on the brink of a measles epidemic because of the negligence of ill-informed parents, it is time for teens to step up and take matters into their own hands. For years we have tolerated the anti-vax movement,...

Time Card Process Needs Revision

Ryan Erickson-King, staff writer

May 23, 2019

Rather than taking a traditional physical education course, sophomores have the option to participate in the "Athletic PE Program," which requires student-athletes to have their after-school sport practice and competition attendance...

2nd-Semester Senior Coasting May Be Myth

Annette Ungermann, News Editor

May 23, 2019

As an underclassman, when school got particularly difficult to manage, I found it helpful to look for the light at the end of the tunnel. Everything, I was told, was ramping up to my junior year– supposedly the most academically...

Roast Rally Should Return as Annual Amusement

Dianda Giles, Staff Writer

May 17, 2019

Penned by spirit leaders, and approved by the students it targeted, the "roast rally" was a short lived tradition at Campolindo, with the last installment produced during the 2017-2018 school year.  I found it to be an entertaining...

Georgia Legislation Calculated Attack on Choice

Annette Ungermann, News Editor

May 15, 2019

Last week, Georgia passed the harshest attack on abortion since Roe v. Wade– the Supreme Court case that granted women the full legal right to choose in 1973. The law, which is set to take effect in 2020, grants full legal pe...