New Staff: Erin Cody

September 21, 2015

After teaching sophomore English and AP English Literature at Freedom High School in Oakley for 6 years, Erin Cody now teaches English 1 and 2 at Campolindo.

“I wasn’t looking for a job at all. I was totally teaching exactly what I wanted at my old school, and I really liked teaching there. But if I was going to move, this was the only place I wanted to move to,” Cody said.

Cody was excited when she heard about an open position, but she didn’t know about it until one day before the deadline. She added, “I was scrambling around like a madwoman, trying to get letters of recommendation and update my resume. It was crazy, and it happened at the end of my old school year, so I was in the middle of prepping for finals, things like that.”

Cody described her new colleagues and students as “amazing.”

“Any difficulties that I’ve had have been strictly from my own learning curve,” Cody explained.

Cody also had to acclimate to a new bell schedule: Freedom High School was on a block schedule, while Campolindo has a traditional 7 period day. “I’ve had to modify all of my lesson plans. ‘Cause you would think, ‘Oh, I’ll just cut it in half and it’ll work just fine,'” Cody said. “And it never works that way. So it’s been a complete learning curve.”

“I’ve been doing this for a long time, but I feel like this is my first year a little bit. But the staff has been really helpful, teachers have been great and helpful,” Cody said. “But it’s really neat that I feel like I’m like the freshmen on campus, when we don’t really know anything and we’re just kind of helping each other figure out our path here at Campo. So that’s neat to have this experience with this class at Campo in particular.”

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