New Staff: Sarah Morgan

September 21, 2015

New Campolindo librarian Sarah Morgan previously held the same position at Merced High School, but admits there are vast differences between her new campus and the one she left behind.

About the students and staff, Morgan explained, “I think to compare, the students here are more academically-minded. So most of you are college-bound, interested in getting your work done, not just to completion, but to perfection, or so that you understand the content, so you ask really deep questions. And then the staff is very professional, very serious about their craft, and then very serious about their subject.”

“Not to say that the other teachers I worked with weren’t,” Morgan explained, “but everyone’s very serious about their work here, the students and the staff.”

According to Morgan, the library itself is different from the one at her previous site. “The space is big. This is a big library, so just the amount of floor that I cover every day is a little more than I’m accustomed to,” Morgan said. “We have study hall in here, the career center, the study areas, library areas, it’s just bigger and more to manage.”

Morgan and her daughter were interested in moving to the Bay Area, so when she saw the Campolindo librarian position posted, she applied. “I didn’t really know a lot about Campo. So it was just [that] I got lucky because this is a really nice school,” she said.

Morgan said the transition has been “very easy because everyone’s so friendly.”

“The students ask, ‘Do you need me to help you find the office?’ The staff has been very friendly and helpful and encouraging, and they’ve been very nice to my daughter, who is new this year too. They’ve been very kind to her. So it’s been a pretty easy transition to the school. Now, moving from one town to another, that was the hard part,” Morgan said.

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