Synchro Swimmer Leaves Israel for US Squad

Andie Cohen, Staff Writer

Sophomore Narinay Bush moved from Jerusalem to the United States in August in order to do what she loves most: synchronized swimming. Currently, Bush is living with a host family in Lafayette and swims with the Walnut Creek Aquanuts.

For Bush, the international move opened her eyes to the misconceptions she had about American culture. “It was a huge culture shock. When I was younger I would always go on YouTube and watch all these high school movies, and I would see how the American life was like, but when I came over here it was nothing like I thought it would be,” Bush explained.

“I was originally invited here by a team down in South Bay by a few Olympic coaches for synchronized swimming. Unfortunately I got a few concussions down there and swim politics didn’t allow me to perform,” she said. “So I got invited by the club up here, the Walnut Creek Aquanuts, and they have been amazing.”

According to Bush, Olympic coaches and swimmers also work with the Aquanuts, and it is Bush’s dream to perform for the U.S in the Olympics some day.

“I’ve moved 8 times in 2 years, so it’s been kind of awkward, but this host family that I’ve been with right now are really cool and I really love them,” Bush said.