Seniors Win Homecoming Tradition


Ava Mason, Staff Writer

Capping off a week-long celebration, the Senior girls beat the Junior girls in the Homecoming powder puff championship match, held during halftime of Friday’s football game. It was the culmination of a tournament that began on the previous Tuesday and Wednesday during lunch, where squads representing each class competed.

This year’s homecoming board game themes were evident from the elaborate hall decorations that Leadership students put up over the weekend of 22.. Each hall was decorated as a different type of board game. The A hall, dedicated to the freshman class, featured Scrabble. D hall revealed the sophomore’s theme: Clue. Monopoly decor in B hall was dedicated to the junior class. The Senior class C hall was decorated like the Candyland game board.

Leadership adviser Dino Petrocco was impressed with what his students accomplished. “I think it was successful overall. The hallways looked fantastic,” he said.

Homecoming t-shirts with corresponding themes for each class were sold throughout the week. “I definitely like the homecoming t-shirts better than last years, because last year they weren’t appealing,” said sophomore Victoria Fleming.

The board game theme was also extended to each day of the week. Monday’s theme was “Sweet Dreams” to represent Candy Land. Students were invited to attend school in their pajamas. Fleming, who was one of the participants, said “I liked pajama day because I always do that because it’s just so easy and comfortable.”

The board game Life was represented by “Career Day” on Tuesday. Some students dressed up to represent their career goal.

Wednesday’s theme was Settlers of Catan, where students could dress up as a robber, a knight, a coal miner, a shepherd, or a lumber jack.

The board game theme was dropped on Thursday in favor of a show of support for Lisa Herzig, who recently announced she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Students wore pink or black to show their support. “I think that was very nice because we’re all in one team supporting her, helping her fight through breast cancer,” said freshman Natalie Baier.

Food from Vitality Bowl and Top Dog was available at lunch on Thursday during the homecoming carnival, which included inflatable amusement on the lower field.

Cheerleaders performed, class competitions were held, and a video was screened at Friday’s lunchtime pep rally. There was  technical difficulty with he video at the beginning of the rally, but it was fixed and shown at the end. Seniors Hayden Hunt and Mia Lineweaver also performed a duet of “Closer” by Chainsmokers.

“I really liked the week. I mean, I thought the activities were, like, really well planned out. And I feel like a lot of more people got involved this year,” said Fleming.

The week’s celebration was concluded with a Friday tailgate and home football game against Concord, along with a dance on Saturday night.