The Best of 2016

Beck Chambers, Staff Writer

10.Pokémon Go

The app created by Niantic was an instant hit and a nostalgic return to the Pokémon world first introduced to the US in 1998.  Searching the real world for Pokémon inspired many to leave the couch and head out the door for much needed exercise.

9. The resurgence of the dab

The creation of Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton as a signature of his touchdown dance in 2015, the dab returned in 2016, with stars like European professional soccer player Paul Pogba adopting it for his own scoring celebration.

8. Leafyishere

The popular Youtuber Leafyishere (Calvin Vail) created video commentaries about other popular videos, earning 4 million views per post in his prime. He has since lost his audience, much to do with other Youtubers questioning his authenticity.

7. “Hotline Bling”

The song by Drake, a Canadian rapper, was an instant hit, was eventually spoofed by Saturday Night Live, and was adopted by T-mobile as their commercial theme. The digital carrier changed the lyrics to “include data rates and other fees and charges,” and aired their advertisement during the Superbowl.

6. Kellyanne Conway and Donald Trump meme

]Kellyanne Conway and President elect Donald Trump’s picture on Twitter with the caption “@realDonaldTrump & I working hard tonight. Thank you for the privilege of a lifetime, #PEOTUS” was turned into a meme instantly.

5.Obama-Biden Memes

Obama-Biden memes have been a welcome outlet for those disappointed with the prospect of a new president. In most, Obama is depicted as the straight man to Biden’s immature prankster.  It’s comedy gold.

4. Ken Bonne Red Sweater

During the second presidential debate, Ken Bonne, an undecided voter, asked “What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job layoffs?” It wasn’t his question that people remember however. The red -sweater and rimmed-glasses-wearing “average Joe” was briefly elevated to iconic status.

3. The water bottle flip

What’s the deal with this?  Teen apathy fortified with nothing more than a flat surface and a half filled plastic water bottle.  It’s been an incredibly annoying constant throughout the year.

2.Mannequin challenge

Having a friend film you with a smart phone while you do… literally nothing.  It was a toss-up between this and the water bottle flip for the most uselessly mind numbing popular trend.  Pretending to be frozen in place gets the nod as its popularity sucked in everything from baby delivery rooms to entire concert venues.

1. Saturday Night Live Presidential Debate Spoofs

Kate McKinnon (Hillary Clinton) and Alec Baldwin (Donald Trump) teamed up to provide comic relief after each Presidential debate of 2016, providing a platform for some of the best SNL cold opens of 2016. McKinnon and Baldwin were truly “bad hombres”.