Parents Provide Nourishment during Finals

Sebastian Fojut, Staff Writer

Parents are attempting to provide a measure of comfort in between intense final exams by implementing “Finals Fuel,” a snack dispensary program.

“We want students to feel nourished and supported, especially this week,” said parent Janet Kadaintzis.

According to Kadaintzis, the program was 1st initiated in 2017 by parent Brenda Balfrey. After volunteering to help pass out snacks, Kadaintizs said she was “so impressed with the program.”

“Plus, it’s really fun for me to check in on my kids,” added Kadaintzis.

Many students appreciate the small snacks during passing period. “Sometimes its really helpful to get that small spike in blood sugar in between tests,” said sophomore Jocelyn Poon.

The parents sign up online to collect donated foods 1 month in advance. In the past, parents have received donated snacks from private companies that they work for, like Bare and GoGoSqueeze.

“I am very grateful that they take the time out of their days to bring us food. It’s just a really considerate thing to do,” said sophomore Jason Hlavac.

15 parents signed up to distribute snacks per day, and dozens of others registered to bring food and donate money for this week. “It’s a great way for parents to support all Campo students during a stressful time,” said Kaidantzis.