Inspired Few Defy Dull Campus Style


Jessica Rosiak, News Editor

It’s fair to say that campus halls are a far cry from the New York fashion show runway.  Most of us would rather roll out of bed late, grab our comfort clothes off the floor and stagger into 1st period looking like a gym rat rather than spend time putting together a “haute couture” or “fashion-forward” ensemble to impress the folks we see at school every single day.

There are those inspired few, those bright lights of campus style who carry the mantle of our famous fashion heritage, following in the footsteps of Jackie O. and Marilyn Monroe.

Senior Danielle Duffy said that she takes “a lot of [her] inspiration from the runways and from watching the street fashion in New York.” Duffy is also inspired by the decade trends of the 1990s to 2000s, and she focuses on the neon trend.

Duffy enjoys “thrifting” to find bargain styles suitable for the West Coast. Her goal is to continue this fashion focus by making a career of it in New York. She has recently been accepted to New York University (NYU).

Lauren Epperson, another fashion conscious senior who loves “vibrant colors,” draws inspiration from the style of celebrities like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

Meanwhile, Junior Isaac Tian, who often stands out with his hints of “smart casual” slacks and jackets, button-up shirts, and leather shoes, said his true style is that of “avant-garde designers.”

“Nowadays, I try to be more comfortable because I’m too stressed to try and be presentable,” admitted Tian. But, “It’s cool to see other people’s outfits.”

Tian enjoys sharing his style on his fashion instagram account, @bigassbroccoli, which has over 1,000 followers.

“I’m able to express myself without saying anything. It’s this platform that everyone uses but no one takes advantage of, and it’s a way for me to say who I am without saying a single word,” said Duffy.

Epperson acknowledged that while fashion is “more of a hobby,” she finds it fun to dress up for school. She takes pride in looking good.