ASB Election: Candidate Statements

Sheila Teker, Staff Writer

Election of the 2020-2021 Associated Student Body leadership takes place Friday, March 6 during 5th period.

What follows are statements from each candidate.

ASB PRESIDENT (Unopposed): 

Sophie Webster: “I’m very excited because I’ve been in the leadership class [for] the past 3 years. In my freshman year, I was a class officer; my sophomore year I was the sophomore class Vice President, and this year I’m the Commissioner of Social Affairs, which means I organize all the dances and run all the tournaments – like the 3 v 3 basketball tournament. If you had told me my 8th-grade year when I was submitting my applications on a whim to be in leadership, I never would have thought that I would be the ASB President. The class has opened up a new side of me that likes taking a leading role in projects and leading the class — it’s 1 of the things I’m probably best at. My goals for next year are to increase class participation overall, and school spirit, and just make Campo a better place. I’m very thankful for this opportunity.”


Isabella Bartos: “I have been in leadership since my freshman year. Through that time I have been able to learn how the class works and the relationship leadership has with the school. My main goal for next year would be to have better communication between leadership and students so that the school will be more aware of how to get involved. For rallies and lunchtime events to be more relevant to the student body, it is important for ways for them to have an avenue to express those preferences or comments. Expanding awareness of Campo’s student council and giving people a chance to ask clarifications during Wednesday announcements are some of the avenues I hope to make available to increase communication. Hopefully, this change will increase participation and help raise school spirit. Other small things I would like to do would be to introduce a Sadie Hawkins dance next year, and allow people to use credit cards to buy food in the cafeteria.”

Maggie Buckley: “I’m motivated, passionate, and understand the needs of Campolindo. As Vice President, one of my many goals will be increasing the communication within the Student Body and the awareness of activities happening both on and off-campus. Ways I plan on doing this is through a universal student calendar that all students will have access to. As Vice President, I will uphold the vision of our student body, and to listen to all to make life as a Campolindo student better.”


Owen Lekki: “I really want to revamp the Campolindo budget. I’m hoping to appeal to districts, actually make an impact. For me, it’s like, I really care about being Treasurer, and have been wanting to do this for about a year and a half, because I think it’s really important to work on the budget. Each officer has their jobs and has to make sure to focus on that, do the best they can. I think Treasurer is really important, and I know I can fulfill that role.”

Hunter Markey: “I’ve really seen over my 3 years at Campo the spirit of the school kind of go down, and I really see how much better rallies and other activities could be made and could be a lot more fun for everyone. Leadership is great – all members do a lot of great things – but is missing out on some opportunities to enhance spirit. For instance, in Leadership, there are some fundraising and spirit-increasing events I have been planning on doing.”

ASB SECRETARY (Unopposed):

Lars Ahrens: “As the secretary, I write down all of the announcements, take notes during all of the meetings, and change the signboard. I’ve been in the leadership class for the past 2 years, and I believe that I have the experience to go beyond these great responsibilities.”