Recent Rains Flood Science Room

Isabel Owens, Staff Writer

When teacher Jay Chugh arrived at school February 10, he found nearly half of the floor of room G1 soaked in water.

“I came into the classroom Monday morning and there was a heavy rain over the weekend, so half of the classroom floor and the back rooms were just covered with water,” Chugh said.

This is not the first time that room G1 has flooded due to rain. According to Chugh, the issue has been prevalent ever since the room was built, for at least 10 years. No other classrooms have this issue, but according to teacher Roxanna Jackman, some of the water from G1 seeped into her room on Monday.

Attempts have been made to prevent flooding in the past. Last summer, parts of G1 were remodeled. “They replaced the windows, there were some cracks in the walls and the windows may have been leaking. They repaired all of those problems,” Chugh explained.

Chugh does not believe that the expensive remodel was completely redundant. “We’ve done a lot of work trying to fix it, so I think it’s better than it was last year,” he said.

Custodians were quick to clean up the water, taking only about 5 minutes, according to Chugh. “On my way to the front office I ran into Mr. Biezad, and as soon as I told him he immediately got on the radio and notified the campus custodians,” Chugh said.

The small flood did not disrupt classes. “It just made it kind of an interesting morning, and we moved some desks around, made sure we didn’t go near the water. We adapted,” said Chugh.

By the time students began 1st period, only a few puddles remained. “It didn’t really disrupt our class since we were working on a project at the lab tables, not near where the water was,” said junior Kelly Williams.

It is still unknown how water is getting into the room, but Chugh thinks it may be seeping down from a crack in the wall. So far, there are no plans for flood prevention in the future.