Art History Studies SF Architecture

Michael Navruzyan, Staff Writer

Molly Kerr’s AP Art History (APAH) class took an architectural tour of down town San Francisco on May 20. The class traveled by BART.

APAH attends 2 field trips each semester, and this is the first of the 2nd semester.

According to senior Bob Zhou, the field trips that APAH takes are based on what they are currently learning in class. “Currently, we are learning about Gothic and Modern Art,” Zhou said.

According to Kerr, the class visited the Rincon Center before moving on to the WPA (Works Process Administration) for a self guided tour, and finished up at the San Francisco Architecture building.

“On this field trip we learned about modern architecture. We also [learned] about some philosophical questions such as ‘What is art?’. I think it’s pretty cool because it’s something different that we have never seen before,” Zhou said.

“It was really fun. We did an architectural tour of the city and it told us about cool stuff like urban planning,” junior Regan Gong said.

“We finished the tour by going to an area that is trying to be a more efficient part of the city, and it was modeled after Central Park. That was really cool, not to mention the great food that we had in the city afterward,” Gong added.

Earlier this year, APAH visited the Stanford campus and the Asian Art Museum.