Poster Contest Promotes Driver Safety

Katie Erickson, Staff Writer

The Leo Club is sponsoring a driving safety poster contest.

“We want people to think about the consequences of bad driving habits such as speeding or getting distracted and realize that whatever fleeting advantages habits like these seem to provide, they are not worth the very real possibility of an expensive fine, injury, or death,” said Leo Club coordinator junior Kelly Evans.

The posters must be turned in by June 2 to club advisor Dan Doyle. Submissions will be judged by principal John Walker and the chief of the Moraga Police Department, Robert Priebe. Once the posters are judged, they will be displayed in campus hallways.

“We plan to put all the participants’ posters up around campus so that students will see the posters every day, and hopefully some of the ideas on the posters about what it means to be a safe driver will stick in people’s minds as they drive home,” said Evans.

According to Club president Emma Archangel, the Leo Club is an advocate of following the rules of the road in order to lower the risk of being involved in an accident. “Safe driving is important because a huge number of accidents involve high school students and people who are just starting to drive, and being a safe driver reduces the risks of harming yourself and others on the road,” said Archangel. 

“Teens need to know that cars are very dangerous and they need to be reminded that they need to be safe with them,” said Doyle.

The 1st place winner is rewarded $75.  2nd place earns $50 and 3rd place receives $25. 

“People can put on the posters whatever they want. It can be anything they think is artistically efficient and that is really creative to them and raises awareness for safe driving,” said Leo Club vice president Sam Heckle. Students are fee to use any medium for their artwork, including photography, paint or pencil.

The Lions’ Club, a community organization dedicated to volunteer work, is the parent sponsor of the Leo Club.  The Lion’s Club encouraged the Leo Club to create the poster contest and has provided the prize money.

According to Archangel, Walker also reached out to the Leo Club to help support driving safety. “The contest is being put on because Mr. Walker wanted to spread the message of safe driving. A lot of students are getting their licenses and he wanted to emphasize the importance of making smart choices when they are driving. For example, not texting and driving and not being a distracted driver when you’re with your friends,” she said.

“Our goal for this contest is to raise awareness about safe driving. I hope we get a lot of people to participate,” said Evans.