Club Fair Serves Diverse Interests

Katy Ly, Staff Writer

Over 40 campus organizations recruited new members at Club Day on September 26.  The event was held in the quad at lunch.

“Club Day is an opportunity for all the clubs to let everybody know that they exist,” said leadership adviser Dino Petrocco. “It gives people the opportunity to sign up for those clubs.”

The special event was organized by the Leadership Class. Over forty clubs were represented. “They ranged from the Sailing Club to the Gay Straight Alliance to Lorax to Unicef to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes,” said Petrocco.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes recruited about 200 members that day, according to senior ASB President Alex Gannett. Other popular clubs include volunteer organizations like the LEO Club, according to senior Sarah Chu, a main organizer of Club Day.

Adia Tajima, a co-president of the new Art Club, said, “We have more than half a page of sign ups, so that’s plenty.” The Art Club’s goal is to make art, sell it, and donate the money to charity, according to Taylor Birdsong, the other co-president.

The goals of the other clubs range from making a safe place to express oneself, like the Gay Straight alliance, to learning about other cultures, like the Japanese Club, to simply enjoying a common interest, like the K-Pop Club.

“Some clubs are experiencing growth. We actually, for instance, have two K-Pop Clubs,” said Petrocco. Skye Mak, vice president for one of the K-Pop Clubs, said that they managed to recruit at least 17 members, but the club will need a lot more. She added, “Everyone loves K-Pop, right?”

Petrocco believes that Campolindo enjoys a broad range of clubs that serve the diversity of student interests on campus. “The diversity of clubs? I think there’s definitely a broad array of clubs for people to be part of,” added Petrocco.