Debate Misses State Berth

Isabel Owens, Lifestyle Editor

The Debate Club’s representatives struggled in the state qualifying tournament on March 13 and 14. Out of 4 teams of 2 students, 3 teams went 2-2 and 1 team lost all 4 rounds. Unfortunately, non of the teams were able to advance to state.

Sophomore Kaveh Boostanpour and his partner, junior Thomas Liao, broke even at 2 wins and 2 losses. “There are some days where our chemistry just doesn’t lock up. It happens to all partners, and we weren’t able to respond with the right arguments. It happens. And the judge bought their arguments, therefore we lost,” said Boostanpour.

According to sophomore Ming Qian, the debate “kind of sucked.” He and his partner, freshman Kevin Deng, lost 4 rounds. “We are the only team that lost every round,” a dejected Quian said.

Deng was unable to explain why he and his partner failed to win a single round.  Frustration at their lack of success over the course of the year was evident. “Seriously, at this point, we have lost so many times,” he said.

His partner was equally dumbfounded. “After the 1st time I lost hard, I thought that it might have been the way that I was speaking, so I improved the way that I was speaking and then the 2nd time I lost hard. I thought that it was case, so I worked on case, and now I don’t even know,” said Quian.

Not everyone on the team was as cynical however. Freshman Arjun Chimni said that his 1st experience at the state qualifiers was “pretty good.” He gave credit to his competitors and acknowledge that part of the enjoyment comes from facing challenge. “I really enjoyed the competition. The competition was very hard because they were some of the best debaters in the area,” he said.

Boostanpour said that the loss, though disappointing, has given his team “more motivation to go next year.” He explained, “This is a very prestigious tournament and it would be a gratifying experience to be able to come back here next year.”

Chimni hopes that next year’s tournament results show growth. “I think I’d be more experienced and have better skills, logical skills, like to form my arguments,” he said.

“With more experience comes more knowledge, more intellect, more adaptation to the judges so the experience this year will, without a doubt, lead us to be more successful next year,” Boostanpour added.