Atwood Wins Top Leadership Position

Katy Ly, Staff Writer

As of election results on March 18, Cameron Atwood will be the Associated Student Body President for the 2015-2016 school year.

Currently holding the Junior Class President position, Atwood said, “I’m responsible for organizing the officers and activities of the junior class, like prom and homecoming to an extent.” He explained that as ASB President, he will be responsible for organizing the Leadership class instead, “making sure activities get executed with efficiency and credibility.”

“It’s similar responsibilities but on a much larger scale,” Atwood added.

Inspired by “how great [Gannett] and previous presidents have done,” Atwood decided to run for the position against junior Fiona Stewart, making President the only contested ASB position for this year. “I feel we were both really great candidates,” said Atwood. “So either way, the student body would have been led well. It probably would’ve been just as good. I’m just honored that people thought I was the best candidate.”

Alex Gannett, the current ASB President is excited about Atwood’s potential for next year. “He’s definitely very outgoing,” Gannett said. “He’s confident. I could also say he’s very thoughful, and lastly very charismatic.”

Atwood added, “I believe I’m outgoing and that allows me to achieve certain things where if I were more reserved, I couldn’t do. I feel like this year, [Gannett] executed very well, so I hope to mimic that next year.”

“He has a lot of energy and I think he really cares about Campo,” said Leadership advisor Dino Petrocco. “I’m looking forward to him as ASB President.”

According to Petrocco, the other incoming ASB officers for next year will be juniors Noah Bagley as Vice President, Olivia Tataseo as Social Affairs Commissioner, Jonathan Hughes and Jack Lawrence as Spirit Commissioners, Katie Erickson as Secretary, Oliver Ousterman as Treasurer, and Ashley Lok and sophomore Riley Felt as Commissioners of Diversity.

Several of the incoming officers are not part of this year’s Leadership class.

“New blood is always a good thing. They just bring new things to the table,” Petrocco added.