Thursday Food Trucks Support Junior Class

Norah Bessette and Joelle Nelson

Serving a variety of food, including frozen custard, tacos and hotdogs, food trucks have been parked in the student lot each Thursday afternoon during the 1st quarter.

Junior class adviser Diana Obrand came up with the idea after talking with her husband about the trucks that provide him lunch outside his workplace. Obrand then contacted food truck owners and coordinated the weekly event. “Anyone can write a check, but it makes it more fun when we can make it creative,” said.

Working with the other class of 2017 parent advisers, Obrand created a schedule for the trucks and secured parent supervision.

With 10% of sales coming back to the junior class, the weekly event has raised $2033 as of October 16. It was so successful, the plan is to bring the trucks back in spring, Obrand said.

“My favorite part has been the community bonding, having people who don’t have kids at Campo come and support us. That makes it all worth it for me,” said Obrand. She added that on the web site Nextdoor, a private social network of the community, the food trucks garnered a very positive response.

The owner of the Tutto Bene Gelato food truck, Allison Heafey, said that she heard about the event from a fellow food truck owner, John Reyna, who runs the Sliders Truck that has been attending on Thursdays.

With the opportunity to gross over $500 for the day, word quickly got around, though not for big-name food truck companies, who would not have given up 10% of their profits for the class of 2017.

Senior Maya Bulos enjoys the event. “I think they make Campo a more fun environment to be in and they make a great social gathering place that is very convenient especially for the younger students who can’t drive,” Bulos said.

Bulos said that she met a new student while waiting for her food.

Junior Kate Metcalf said,”The food trucks are a win-win situation because you get to eat food while supporting your class.”