Slams Provide Safe Space for Creative Voices

Mia Calusic, Staff Writer

In a joint effort, the poetry and literary clubs hosted a poetry slam in the library on the evening of March 24.

Participants had the option of performing their own original work, or reciting the work of famous poets.  In either case, students delivered the poems with the assistance of a public address system to an audience of both parents and peers.

The inaugural event, which the poetry and literary clubs hope to make an annual affair, was well attended.  Many of the students were freshman and sophomores who earned extra credit in their English classes for their participation.  As a result, there were over 30 performers.

Freshman Sara White explained, “I feel that it was very inspirational and eye opening.”

Librarian Sarah Morgan, who helped coordinate the event with club members, said, “In the future we would have fewer poets but longer poems.”

According the Morgan, an additional poetry slam that will including middle school students, campus staff and parents, is planned for later in the spring.

The events are intended to provide opportunities for fledgling poets and publicize the sponsoring clubs.

“We don’t expect anyone to come into the club as a ‘poet’. Whats really important is that we build a community of creative people in a safe space. If you think you’re bad at it, we all start somewhere. It’s about what you have to say,” Poetry Club president Athya Uthayakumar explained.