Festival Film Reveals Cultural Differences

andie cohen, staff writer

German classes attended the San Francisco International Film Festival on April 27, viewing a film set in Heidelberg, Germany.

They met at the Lafayette BART station for a trip to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema at 8:00am.

The film allowed students to see what Heidelberg was like, the different lifestyle of students living in Germany, and how a child from America was able to transition into German life and culture.

“It was a really cool film for my students to see who are also learning German, and to see some of the differences between American and German culture and society,” said German teacher David Blumberg.

“I think the students really enjoyed the film. It was a little controversial, because there were a few things that came up that were unexpected; there was some language that was inappropriate,” said Blumberg.

Blumberg wasn’t able to see a screening of the movie before going to the festival. He felt attending the festival with approximately 110 students was worth it.