Science Examines Sewer Treatment

andie cohen, staff writer

Biology students in Roxanna Jackman’s 5th and 6th period classes learned about what happens after water and other materials are flushed down the drain.

Sewer Science is a 1 week unit that most biology students complete during the year.  Jackman’s classes tackled it the first week of May.

After creating “dirty water,” the students learned the process of water treatment used by municipal utilities.

Freshman Elizabeth Cannon explained, “I think it’s important to learn about sewer science, so we can become better citizens and understand how our water gets treated.”

Guest speakers from various local utility districts provided guidance during the week-long process.

According to Jackman, “At Campolindo we do Sewer Science, because it helps us become better citizens by not putting ‘trashy’ things down our garbage; it makes the environment that we live in healthier, and it also fits into the water, nitrogen, and carbon cycles.”

Jackman noted that all the water on earth right now is all the water the world will ever get, so it’s important that citizens not treat their drains like trashcans.