Vandal Drives Tractor, Breaks Pipes, Steals Laptop

Beck Chambers, Staff writer

Over $1000 of damage and theft of property occurred on campus the evening of October 25. The vandal, who was caught on video by campus surveillance cameras, broke 2 windows and stole a laptop from the snack shack, tore off a security camera, and broke pipes outside of the Soda Aquatic center while operating a tractor that was left on campus for ongoing construction projects.

Vice principal John Drury said that it is known that there was only one individual responsible for the theft and damage, but the suspect’s identity has yet to be determined. The Campolindo administration and the Moraga police department are currently in an open investigation, which means that the case cannot be discussed publicly. Drury would not comment on any additional details about the incident.

According to the school janitor, Ben Wadsworth, the cameras recorded the suspect entering the campus at 1:30am. The suspect broke through temporary fencing that was installed, and managed to start and drive the tractor. The suspect then used the tractor to ram into plastic pipes along a wall of the Soda Center. How the vandal managed to operate the tractor is still unknown and is under investigation.

Wadsworth said, “They started [the tractor] up somehow. Then they, for some reason, rode into the pipes that were responsible for managing the energy from the solar panels. It’s a pretty strange place to vandalize, but it was pretty bad.”

It is rumored that the suspect is a current Campolindo student, but by law, the school cannot publicly name students who are involved in disciplinary actions.

According to Drury, the Moraga police department will continue the investigation, and the school will get the repairs done.