Absent Seniors Delay Panoramic Pic

Claire Mueller, Staff Writer

Due to a significant number of seniors attending a field trip, the Class of 2017 panoramic picture scheduled for the morning of November 16 was canceled. Leadership adviser Dino Petrocco announced the cancelation.

“The main reason the picture was canceled was because of the 30 seniors that were on the Art History field trip, and because there are others that are gone, so with that big number missing they thought that it was best that we reschedule,” Petrocco said. “It was first brought to my attention yesterday night. My first reaction was ‘maybe we could Photoshop all those people in?’ But I followed Mr. Walker’s lead, which is that we should reschedule it.”

Some on the field trip were grateful that Petrocco decided to reschedule. Senior Jenna Muller said, “I thought that Mr. Petrocco rescheduling the picture was a good idea because I feel like the field trip was really important, but now we can still be in the picture as well.”

Few people expressed concern about the change. “I didn’t think it was the end of the world, because usually in the pictures I’m not able to see myself, being as tall as I am, because I’m usually in the back,” said senior Joey Berzins. “I hope that next year they’ll plan everything a bit better. Maybe the teachers can check their times for field trips more carefully, so these things don’t overlap or conflict with each other.”

Petrocco said, “Keeping track of everything going on a campus is difficult and it’s hard to think about all those things, so I don’t think it’s really anyone’s fault.”

A new date for the picture has yet to be determined. “We do not have a [rescheduled] date as of yet, because it’s all dependent on the photographer,” Petrocco said.