Club Participation, Interest on Rise


Layla Wright, Visual Media Editor

Over 90 potential clubs were represented at the “club day” hosted by Campolindo Leadership at lunch in the quad on September 21.

Leadership’s Commissioner of Student Affairs, senior Sarah Carrasco, was in charge of the logistics of club day this year. “I’m the one who gives presentations and collects all the forms and does the organization for figuring out what everybody’s clubs are. So basically anything club day related goes through me and Ms. Webb Peploe,” said Carrasco.

Any student can create their own club as long as they fill out the required paperwork and obtain an adult club advisor. Leadership adviser Lindsay Webb-Peploe explained that most ideas for clubs are accepted, though “any kind of club that would be considered racist or violent or against any group would not be okay.”

Carrasco acknowledged that some of the 93 clubs “might participate here and not do much afterward, but I also know that there are some clubs that you might not know are doing things because they are outside of school, so I think it kind of just depends,” she said.

Co-President of Women’s Awareness on Campus (WAC), Lila Chatterton, explained that WAC has recently been focused on getting more males involved with the club, and experienced success in recruiting high numbers at club day.  “We are really focused on intersectionality, that’s part of our mission statement, so we want to include everyone; it’s not just a club for girls. We want to inform about women’s issues, but we want to include guys as well,” said Chatterton.

Webb-Peploe also said that the clubs this year were more respectful and cleaned up their areas better than in previous years.