Panoramic Pic Captures Senior Class of 2020

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Panoramic Pic Captures Senior Class of 2020

Jack Bunzel-Hardie, Staff Writer

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An event that some students see as a milestone in their high school careers, the senior panoramic picture was taken in the multi-use room during the Academy session on September 20.

When I was a freshman, I saw it happen, and I thought it was pretty cool, and here I am 4 years later and I get to be a part of it,” said senior Aiden Vollmar.

Senior yearbook editor Danielle Yadegar said it is “something you look forward to when you’re a freshman.”

“It’s really exciting to finally be able to take part,” said Yadegar.

Yearbook teacher Paul Verbanszky added that it is a special tradition because the photo is a physical token of the high school class. “It’s pretty special because we still have old ones hanging up in the attendance office. They’re on the wall. My wife [science teacher Stephanie Verbanszky] is in one of the images; she is class of ’98.” 

There is something to be said about having an image, that’s going to be there forever, of the entire senior class,” said Verbanszky.

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