Community Rallies for Graduating Seniors with Spirit Campaign

With all remaining in-person school events canceled due to shelter-in-place restrictions implemented in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, a committee of parents is supporting seniors through a campaign called “Red C Rising.”

Campolindo families are displaying decorations on their lawns and doorsteps in support of the class of 2020.

Leadership executive senior Meg Balfrey said, “Personally driving through town and seeing houses decorated and Campo posters all over makes me feel more united with the people around me. It is really easy to forget that everyone is being affected by this but it just shows that we are going to get through this together.”

Leadership has been pitching in with the Red C Rising campaign “by going to meetings and giving input. The senior class officers have been directly and regularly involved, as well as [the leadership] exec team,” Leadership advisor Lindsay Webb-Peploe said. Leadership has also collaborated with parents to plan a trivia night, gown pickup, and senior goody bags.

Freshman Lola Mullins, whose mother helped set up a scavenger hunt for the seniors, said, “So far I’ve seen about 20 houses around the Camino Pablo area with signs and car decorations with Campolindo red color or messages for the students.”

Mullins said that “the senior parents [are] attempting to make the best out of a bad situation and [are] trying to congratulate the seniors [for graduating] even without a ceremony or prom.”

Although the seniors are missing big events, Balfrey said, “You can’t make up for all of the memories we’re missing but it has been really nice to have support from the whole community because it is a reminder that we will get through this together…It is definitely a bummer but I think we all appreciate how much the parents have done to make up for what we are losing.”

Each of the 4 schools in the district has a custom-tailored campaign. Acalanes High School, for example, has the slogan “Let’s Paint This Town Blue!” for Lafayette. Webb-Peploe said, “I think it reminds people that while each of our quarantines are different and have different stressors, there are some commonalities as well, like losing [senior] ball, graduation, etc.”

Though school remains closed, “[the campaign] is a great example of how far the Campo community is spread. While no one could have prepared for something like this, the school and [the] parents have handled it very well and are still trying to help [students] make high school memories,” Balfrey said.