Longtime Math Teacher Announces Retirement

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Geometry and Precalculus teacher Bill Doherty will be retiring from his 39-year teaching career in January.

Though Doherty had already planned to retire at the end of this school year, he moved his retirement up to January when it was announced that the schools would return to in-person learning. “I have people in my household who are at high risk for COVID-19,” explained Doherty. “We’re all healthy now – I just want to take precautions to help it stay that way.”

According to Principal John Walker, “I think Mr. Doherty has made tremendous contributions to Campolindo through his teaching, through his collaboration with colleagues, and also his work with technology here at the school.”

With the announcement of his retirement, Doherty’s teacher position is currently posted and the school is looking for applicants to “finish out the semester,” according to Walker. With Doherty teaching both Geometry and Precalculus, Walker said that this will be “a very important hire.”

Potential in-person classes are still being discussed, with the administration still “figur[ing] out appropriate staffing for students who are on-campus and for students who choose to remain in distance learning,” Doherty said. “My retirement is just 1 piece of that very complex puzzle for them.”

“Something that a lot of students don’t know is that Mr. Doherty was a technology coordinator here at Campolindo for many, many years,” said Walker.

In addition to teaching math, Doherty is the school’s webmaster. “Now that we’ve gone to distance learning, the website’s playing an increasingly important role. And so he’s been very valuable as the website manager,” Walker said.

“We’re looking [for a new hire.] It’s a very important role, especially during distance learning, when folks can’t come by and simply ask a question. You know, we’re directing more and more people to the website, for obvious reasons. So that’ll be a critical hire for us,” Walker added.

“I am very sad to see him go and he will be greatly missed, but I am glad to know he will be keeping his family safe by choosing to remain at home. He’s contributed a lot to the Campolindo community over the years,” said Precalculus student junior Sara Tabibian.

Walker reflected on his time knowing Doherty: “I consider him to be a tremendous colleague. And I remember when I 1st came to Campo he helped me sort of learn the campus and learn the staff and learn about Campo culture and I’ll always be grateful for that. And grateful for the work he’s done with the students and staff.”