Thrillers Trade Gore for Creepy Realism

Gracie Woidat, Lifestyle Editor

Halloween is upon us, and with it comes the agonizing question that many teens must ask themselves: “Which scary movie to binge with friends?”

Today there are so many choices: the 1 about the clown, the 1 about the doll who gets possessed, or the 1 about the kid who sees dead people. So many options, so little time! 

If what you seek this Hallow’s Eve is a goosebump-filled experience that will adequately haunt you for days, psychological thrillers are the way to go.

Although it might lack some of the gratuitous gore and the supernatural twist that paranormal movies display, the well-crafted and existentialist storyline of a psychological thriller can give you just the right amount of suspense and thrill.

Psychological thrillers tend to be centered around the morally ambiguous state of its characters, while exploring the depths of evil to which human beings are capable of sinking. Their narratives contain elements of suspense, mystery, the dark side of the human psyche, and of course, horror.

Directors build tension with moods of anxiety and confusion as the audience, sometimes along with characters, tries to figure out what’s really going on. And, of course, the twists at the end never disappoint.

Some iconic psychological thrillers include Psycho, The Silence of the Lambs, The Shining, and Shutter Island.

From personal experience, the thrill-appeal of psychological horror comes from its realism. Often times, the complex storylines are more plausible, as they deal with human subjects under psychological stress or with legitimate mental disorders.

Also, the fact that the true monsters of psychological thrillers are human beings means you will be creeped out for days. The possibility of an alien invasion from outer space is far less likely than a serial killer breaking into your home.  Sorry, it’s true.

Prepare to see the world in a whole new light, and to never be able to look in the mirror the same way, ever again.