Orienteering Challenges Navigation Skills

Ryan Lansing, Staff Writer

The Cross Country team gathered at Hidden Valley Park to partake in an orienteering experience on October 4.  Provided with a map of the park marked with check point locations, athletes were challenged to find them all in the most efficient route possible.

Head coach Chuck Woolridge said, “It was a team activity, not a competition as much as an opportunity for students to enjoy time together.”

Most of the checkpoints were in tricky locations. One was located in a tree in the middle of a dry, baron area.  Other points were located in deep ravines, through bushes, or at the top of hills.

Some competitors swam across a small lake in an effort to cut down distance. 

Freshman Thibault Gourlin was one who swam through the lake. “It was really cold. And it was like, pretty muddy, so you just have to swim across, like you can’t really stop,” he said. 

“It was surprising how many students opted to swim across the man made lakes in the park,” Woolridge said. 

After the running, the team relaxed and had a barbecue. Runners ate hamburgers and hotdogs.