Seniors Play Odd Positions to Wrap Regular Season


Katy Ly, Staff Writer

Girls’ varsity volleyball won their last regular season game against Dublin at home on November 5.

Before the game started, both teams paid tribute to their senior players. Soon after, the Cougars won the first set 25-10. They went on to win the 2nd set 25-14, and then closed out the match with a 25-22 victory in the final set.

“Winning always feels great, you know,” said Coach John Vuong. “It’s lots of kids competing [and] having fun. That’s all that matters.”

Vuong noted that for this game he had seniors “play a position where they normally don’t play” since it was their last game before North Coast Section playoffs.

“I think just each and every individual senior did their part and it was so much fun, honestly,” said senior outside hitter Nikki Ahazie. “I’ve always looked up to Campo volleyball, so it’s always been my dream so I could make it to this day. We all played random positions at the last set and it was so much fun and everyone was crying and laughing at the same time. Honestly it’s something that just warms my heart.”

Amaze added that she was sad that the season was almost over. “We still have playoffs, so we have at least one more game, hopefully four more games,” she said.

Vuong also felt “sad, but [the seniors] had to move on.” He said, “We did all we can. We help them build their character and growth and leadership, and hopefully they’ll take it on to the next level.”

Junior outside hitter Janelle Gong said, “Our big  thing is continuing Campolindo’s legacy when the seniors leave. They push us to work hard so when they leave, we’re still up there.”

Girls volleyball finished their league schedule with a 12-0 record. Their first NCS game will be on November 14 at Campolindo.

Junior middle hitter Sabrina Smith said, “We need a big crowd [at NCS] because there’s definitely going to be a lot of competition.”