Boys’ Lacrosse Wins Big in NCS Opener

Kelly Pien, Editor-in-Chief

Boys’ lacrosse crushed Lick-Wilmerding 21-5 at a home game on May 11 in their 1st-round playoff game.

Campolindo gained an early lead, with junior Kannah Cruickshank scoring twice in the first 6 minutes.

Campolindo coach Mitchel Frey attributed his team’s dominance to strong offense and communication and the strategic substitution of players on the defensive end.

“There’s something called a tuna sub, where we are looking to sub. We were hitting that the entire time on the defensive end,” added Frey.

While Lick-Wilmerding coach Keenan Tabusa called the loss “unfortunate.” He said, “most lacrosse seasons gotta come to an end. It’s been a pleasure this year to have the group of boys we had. Always a privilege to make NCS, but, yeah it’s been a good year.”

“Our boys fought and everyone played a role in what they were supposed to do,” Tabusa added. “And that led to a team victory and that’s what we’re looking for, game in and game out.”

Frey knows his squad can still improve.”Our strengths were definitely our offense, and at times our defense, but as we talked to the kids there in the locker room, we need to put 4 quarters together. There in that 2nd quarter we lost some discipline and we spent a lot of time in the box. [The opposing team was] able to put up some goals with that,”  he said. “This is just 1 game, and we got many more ahead of us, so it’s good that the boys are going to be able to enjoy tonight, but we’re on to the next one.”

“We’re trying to make it all the way. And we are going to make it all the way,” Frey said. “You know, this is a team that has been working their tails off since the last NCS loss last year and our goal is to win NCS and that’s something that we will do.”