Polo Keeper Inspires Confidence


Elle Esquer

Ben Miller has been the varsity boys’ starting goal keeper in every game so far this water polo season. “When you are a starting goalie, you play the entire game,” according to Miller.  Playing every minute, Miller is an integral part of the team’s success.

A 6-year water polo veteran, Miller “always liked being in the water.” Before he switched to goalie in his 4th season, Miller was a center defender.

“I like [water polo because] there is no running involved,” Miller said. He also likes the tight community and friendships the sport offers. Though there isn’t much he doesn’t love about the sport, Miller has a dislike for a cold pool. That’s more surprising whey the physical demands of the sport are considered.  Beneath the surface, literally, water polo can be brutal. Miller has suffered a shoulder injury, groin injury, and a knee injury that kept him out for a month.

Varsity coach Miles Price said that “he has become a better vocal leader. His primary focus is our defense, and he’s learning that he’s that last line of defense.”

Price said that Miller “has a lot to continue to improve on; by no means is he done improving. Understanding that and working hard in practice is a big improvement.”

Miller’s teammates include attackers Soren Jensen and Tommy Hawkins. Hawkins, who has been playing with Miller for about 3 years, said that his teammate is “very vocal and knows what he is doing.” Hawkins also said that Miller has pushed him to try harder on defense. “He’s a stud,” Hawkins added.

Jensen, who has just started playing with Miller, said that his goalie inspires confidence. “He’s a good goalie and a good guy to have on the team,” Jensen said, adding that he is a smart and reliable teammate.

Miller was a part of last season’s NCS championship team, although senior All-American Nikhil Suri had the staring position in goal when Campolindo won 5-4 in the championship against Sir Francis Drake high school. The team lost 6 or 7 seniors from that squad to graduation, “4-5 key players”. However, Miller said one of the good things about this season’s roster is that it has some depth to it, meaning they have a lot of good players that aren’t necessarily starters but, if need be, they can play in place of one.

Miller’s goals this season are to win NCS again, beat Miramonte during the regular season and have fun with the team.  In the future, Miller would love to play in college but beyond that, he doesn’t know yet.

According to Miller, his team’s chemistry is really good and everybody gets along well. As of now the team is 17-5 and 2-1 in league play.