“Unmotivated” Boys’ Soccer Falters


Samuel Ganten

[PLAYER] wrestles the ball away from Las Lomas.

Samuel Ganten, Staff Writer

Continuing a season of mixed results, the boys’ soccer team was defeated 5-1 by Las Lomas on January 25.

“We’re pretty disappointed and ashamed,” said senior Scott Hillhouse.”We have the skill, but we just can’t stand back.”

After scoring a goal in the first few minutes of the 2nd half, the team gave up 4 in rapid succession.

“There was a lack of effort; no one was committed,” said forward Will Gipson. “You could see it in the warmups; no one was even breaking a sweat.”

Several teammates blamed the defeat on a lack of leadership and lack of leadership. With a record of 2-4-1, the squad stands near the bottom of the league rankings with the 2nd most losses and the fewest goals, according to MaxPreps.

According to Hillhouse, those stats don’t add up. He still believes the Cougars are capable of beating teams like the Knights. “Campo soccer has that ability; we have that skill,” he said. “Las Lomas was definitely the worse school, but they wanted [victory] more.”

The team remains confident that the next match against Las Lomas on February 10 will be a different story. “Next time, we’re going to bring that effort,” said Gipson. “There’s that element of revenge that drives us to bring that effort.”