Top Diver Commits to Boston College


Mia Jay, Staff Writer

Senior Josiah Klock, a 4-year varsity diver, winner of North Coast Section (NCS) and Diablo Athletic League (DAL) titles, and veteran of 2 California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) State Championships has committed to Boston College.

Klock was 1st a swimmer, starting at age 8. When he was 10 years old, he decided to try diving. “I would always watch the divers during swim practice. I tried it out and I fell in love with it,” said Klock.

After growing up in Kansas, Klock moved to Moraga before his freshman year.

“Throughout middle school, I kind of had a block where it was hard for me to learn new dives, but, when freshman year came around, I realized I wanted to dive in college, so I really pushed myself, and I’ve been diving varsity for 4 years,” said Klock.

According to Klock, diving is an intrinsically motivating sport, and while his coaches, friends, and family pushed him and helped him on his journey, it was he who had to decide whether or not he was going to try a new dive and work hard to perfect it.

Klock is looking forward to being a collegiate athlete. “I’m excited about the competition, I’m excited to go to the East coast and compete with other good schools, and I’m also excited to have fun with the team,” he said.

His brother, sophomore Elijah Klock, said Josiah is an excellent role model. “Josiah inspires me because he works hard and isn’t afraid of anything. He does some crazy stuff off of really high heights,” he said. “Josiah is quiet but one of the strongest and hardest working guys I know. He is also really funny. Those qualities help him deal with the pressures of diving really well.”

Senior Hailey Tang, Klock’s teammate, admires his determination: “He’s been more determined to do new dives since freshman year. He use to refuse to do new dives but now he tries a new dive all the time,” she said. “He puts in a lot of effort into diving. He’s usually the 1st and last one out of the pool. Diving is a huge part of his life and it’s awesome to see someone to still love a sport so much after all these years.”

“He’s not just a great diver but also a great person. He can be quiet and shy but he’s really nice and always has something funny to say,” Tang added.

Pictures provided by Josiah Klock