Athletes Continue Training Independently

While the Coronavirus pandemic has halted high school sports for the spring season, athletes are continuing to train, though in a modified fashion.

Freshman Caroline McCool, a cross country runner and a track and field athlete, has continued training in order to prepare for her upcoming cross country season in the fall. “Everyday I make it a point to run. Even with my family being in Tahoe, and although I am not extremely familiar with the running paths, I like to get outside for an hour or so, and run,” she said.

In addition to running, McCool also incorporates core and other strength development into her routine. “It’s important to take care of my body and I need to keep the routine I had prior to quarantine. I need to get stronger and while running is important, I have to make sure to do my stretches and other exercises.”

Additionally, McCool said that her team has weekly Zoom calls to discuss what preparations they are doing for the next season and to just check in with each other. They want to keep the team bond they had during the school year.

Freshman lacrosse player Bridgette Lane is working on ensuring that her lacrosse skills are up to date.

Lane has also taken her stick outside and has worked on different positions. “I’m sad our season got cut short but I’m doing what I can now in order to be ready for the next one. Varsity is challenging and I need to be at my best all the time.”

Lane added that her coach has been readily communicating with her team to ensure they are doing what they are supposed to.

PE teacher Chris Walsh emphasized the importance of training consistently. “Every workout is an investment into the goal of each athlete. The more you train the stronger you become not only physically but mentally. Steel is forged from the inside out. Consistent, regular, intelligent training helps prevent injury and if injury does occur, the athlete has created fitness (money in the bank) usually suggesting a quicker recovery.”

Walsh encourages all athletes to keep in touch with their coaches as clear communication is important for a successful season. “Many of our coaches have been at Campo 10-20 years\; many of our coaches competed here at Campo.”

Freshman basketball player Will Cook said, “I’m doing a lot of dribbling, footwork drills, and shooting drills to keep my skills good. I work out 3 times a week and run sprints, both things given to the whole basketball program by Rob who is the strength and conditioning coach.”

Many Campolindo coaches have provided instructions for what athletes can do on their own in order to maintain fitness and skills.

“It’s really important to stay in shape because I don’t want to fall behind and when basketball starts back up as soon as we are allowed to, whether that’s summer games or weights in the fall,” said Cook.