2017-2018 Staff

Emma Torres

Staff Writer

Emma Torres, who moved to Moraga from San Francisco in 2016, plays club volleyball. "I am a lot more fit since the move," said Torres, "and better at working with a team."  Torres picked up volleyball once she settled in to...

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Jessica Rosiak

Staff Writer

Jessica Rosiak, a freshman at Campolindo, has always looked forward to exploring new places around the world. "I enjoy going to places that are unique and less commercial or tourist-oriented," said Rosiak. As she has mostly...

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Layla Wright

Staff writer

Junior Layla Wright is new to La Puma. Growing up, she has dreamed of being a dancer. "I was two... I told my mom I wanted to be ballerina," she explained. Dancing was put on hold however, as Wright pursued competitive swim...

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Erika Riedel

Staff Writer

Freshman Erika Riedel enjoys playing volleyball and helping others through community service. At Stanley Middle School, Reidel worked with the community service program Opportunity Knocks. Through that program Riedel worked...

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Amanda Young

Staff Writer

Traveler and retired gymnast, freshman Amanda Young is excited to explore all new hobbies. For 7 years gymnastics took up most of her time and instilled discipline and responsibility.  A recent back injury, however, and the...

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Jane Maiocco

Staff Writer

Freshmen Jane Maiocco spends her days playing volleyball, starting from the 4th grade. A Lafayette native, she discovered her passion for volleyball in 4th grade on a LMYA team coached by her father, Matt Maiocco. She elevated...

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Mia Jay

Staff Writer

Freshman Mia Jay has pursued her passion for dancing since the 2nd grade. After watching a performance of the The Nutcracker, Jay said she "just knew it was something I wanted to do." This year, in the California Academy of Perfo...

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Beck Chambers

Staff Writer

"Scuba diving is a key aspect in my life that shapes my character. Despite all the dangers and risks, its an amazing activity" said Beck Chambers. Chambers, a high-school freshman, has been scuba diving now for three years...

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Rachel Szymanski

Staff Writer

Rachel Szymanski, now in her junior year, moved to Moraga, California from San Diego just three weeks prior to the start of her sophomore year. "I wasn't very enthusiastic. It's something that no high schooler wants to do,...

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Samuel Ganten

Business Editor

Born in Brussels, raised in Virginia, Samuel Ganten has seen a fair bit of the world. It shouldn't come as a surprise that he looks at the world slightly different than others. "Architecture is one of the most useful arts,"...

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Annette Ungermann

Opinion Editor

Annette Ungermann, junior at Campolindo, has been volunteering with the organization No One Left Behind for the past year and a half. The organization works to assimilate refugees from Middle Eastern countries to life in the Bay...

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Alexandra Reinecke


Senior Alexandra Reinecke is a journalist and writer who believes in the power of words to encourage empathy and affect positive change. While leading La Puma as Editor-in-Chief, she also edits Campolindo's literary magazine, Campo Re...

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Genie Lee


Music is something that is precious to many people, but for Genie Lee, it's on an entirely different level. She lives and breathes piano every day of her life. Playing since she was just five years old. Lee now competes in...

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Joelle Nelson


"There's nothing like jumping off a platform 200 feet in the air to get over your fear of heights," said junior Joelle Nelson. It's how she got interested in the world of extreme sports. Nelson started zip-lining at the age...

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Madeleine Singh

Sports Editor

Madeleine Singh is a junior at Campolindo this year. Her hobbies include swimming and spending time with her friends. "I've been swimming for twelve years, I think" said Singh, who swims for a recreational team in Lafayette....

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