Alexandra Reinecke
Alexandra Reinecke, a junior at Campolindo, enjoys creative writing, studying history, and watching pre-1960s cinema. She has participated in various literary pursuits, including attending workshops at Smith College and Kenyon College, writing for La Puma and chronicling her observations in a variety of contest-winning short stories and essays. In the fall of 2015 she founded the Campolindo Literary Club, where she is the current President. In 2016 she joined as a regular contributor at Tunnel Magazine and began volunteering with Super Stars Literacy, a tutoring program for  at-risk youth which emphasizes reading and writing skills. This fall she founded the feedback-sharing start-up Word Exchange, a project modeled as a digital writing workshop for high schoolers, where she serves as President. She has also recently founded Campo's first literary magazine, Campo Review, where she works as Editor-in-Chief. Reinecke can often be found quoting F. Scott Fitzgerald, consuming copious amounts of Thai iced coffee, and abusing her laptop keyboard. Having spent her early life on the East Coast, her likes include maple-flavored cupcakes, apple cider and snow. Her favorite animal is a tiger. 

Alexandra Reinecke, Art & Literature Editor

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