Amanda Young
Traveler and retired gymnast, freshman Amanda Young is excited to explore all new hobbies. For 7 years gymnastics took up most of her time and instilled discipline and responsibility.  A recent back injury, however, and the start of high school, forced Young to give up the sport. Young said she  "hasn't really decided what to do," with her new found free time. Following the advice of friends and family, Young has joined the diving team because it uses the balance and flexibility that she trained so long to achieve. "It's going pretty well," she said. Young also hopes to spend more time traveling. She often goes on trips with her family, and blogs about her experiences. "I started a travel blog in English and transferred it over to a different program so I could keep at it. I don't post very often, but I like designing it and taking pictures for it," she explained. She also plans to volunteer at her church's daycare center.

Amanda Young, Staff Writer

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