Annette Ungermann
Annette Ungermann, junior at Campolindo, has been volunteering with the organization No One Left Behind for the past year and a half. The organization works to assimilate refugees from Middle Eastern countries to life in the Bay Area, helping them locate places to live, supplying the families with necessary household items, and teaching English. Ungermann has been teaching and working with a ten-year-old girl that fled from Afghanistan to the Bay Area with her family in November 2015. She helps to tutor and mentor her with her two sisters, visiting the family twice a month since the spring of 2016. "It's ben really rewarding to see her grow and learn more of the language, she's really gotten more energetic since I've gotten to know her," Ungermann said. "So far I've really enjoyed it, and I hope to continue teaching her with my sisters throughout high school." Ungermann enjoys doing this community service work in her free time, and is involved in other Campolindo clubs that help to better the school and community. She is involved with the school's chapter of Global Student Embassy that does environmental work, and currently serves on the club's Leadership Council. This is Ungermann's 2nd year on La Puma's staff, and her 1st as its Opinion editor.

Annette Ungermann, Opinion Editor

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