Erika Riedel
Sophomore Erika Riedel enjoys playing volleyball and helping others through community service. At Stanley Middle School, Riedel worked with the community service program Opportunity Knocks.

Through that program Riedel worked at the Burton Valley Science Fair, Lafayette Elementary's Fall Festival, and Lafayette community center's Bunny Brunch. Her favorite was Bunny Brunch, where she served pancakes to children and enjoyed seeing "children and their families having fun."

The aspect of volunteering to which Riedel is most drawn is the privilege "to look back and know that I made a difference.”

Riedel plans to build a strong track record of volunteering throughout high school. Having been awarded the Opportunity Knocks 30 Hours Award in 2017, she begins her quest with formidable skill and experience.


Erika Riedel, Staff Writer

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