Finn Welch
Freshman Finn Welch has a love of writing and language that led him to take the journalism class as an elective. He has also decided to take German in order to pursue fluency in a language he had been taught since he was 10 years old.

Welch explained his family was from Austria and most of his relatives on his dad's side speak German, which "really encouraged" him to start learning. His father often speaks German often at home as well, so Welch taught himself using apps and private teachers, and is excited to learn more at Campolindo.

Outside of the classroom, Welch enjoys soccer, which he has been playing since he was 5 years old. Currently, he is on a club soccer team called the "O-5 Black" and hopes to try out for Campo soccer this winter.

Welch is already eager to begin getting ready for college and his future career, with focus on computer sciences and programming.

Finn Welch, Staff Writer

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