Joelle Nelson
"There's nothing like jumping off a platform 200 feet in the air to get over your fear of heights," said senior Joelle Nelson, in an attempt to get people to read her La Puma profile.

"Seriously, I've had this same profile since freshman year," she said, "I still think no one has read it except maybe my mom."

Unfortunately for Nelson, the website analytics show a different story: not even her mother has viewed her profile page. "Maybe it's the picture," said Nelson.

In fact, according to every current and former La Puma reporter, the camera used for headshots is universally and inexplicably unflattering. By one measure, students recorded a 38% increase in the appearance of yellow teeth. Nelson added, "I should stop talking about my yellow teeth. That would probably get more people to read this."

Senior editor and friend of Nelson, Genie Lee, said, "I don't know, there's probably nothing we can do to get people to see these. I mean, Joelle could at least stop quoting me about her profile because I've never read it either."

Like former editors in chiefs, this profile will probably haunt Nelson for years after graduation. "It's the 1st thing that comes up when you Google my name," she said.

Joelle Nelson, Editor-in-Chief

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