Nicole Kennedy
Junior Nicole Kennedy has played volleyball for 8 years and is currently on Campolindo's varsity team. She also played club volleyball at Red Rock East Bay Volleyball Club this past year.

Kennedy has been to volleyball tournaments and qualifiers in Denver, Washington State, Las Vegas, and Reno. "Volleyball has taught me how to be on a team and how to perform well under pressure. It's a really big team sport. The people you meet stay with you for life," she said.

She loves high school volleyball slightly more than club, as she loves home games and the long season.

If she's not playing volleyball, she loves to eat bread and strawberries while watching The BachelorHouse Hunters: International, and animal documentaries.

She originally joined the Journalism staff to "have fun, meet new people, and be Mr. Woolridge's best friend." She is now in her second year on La Puma and is the Opinion Editor.

In the future, Kennedy plans to "not die young and just have fun by doing what makes [her] happy."

Nicole Kennedy, Opinion Editor

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