Rachel Szymanski
Rachel Szymanski, now in her junior year, moved to Moraga, California from San Diego just three weeks prior to the start of her sophomore year. "I wasn't very enthusiastic. It's something that no high schooler wants to do, I think," Szymanski said. But prior to her move, Szymanski was working at an internship in San Diego. Szymanski was connected to this internship over the summer at a Biotech company called Sanford Burnham, a medical discovery institute. She said, "the company works with the research and creation of medicines. Specifically, studying diseases like cancer." The internship consisted mostly of cleaning petri dishes, but it did give her a behind the scenes look at genotyping. Basically, investigating the makeup of cancer cells by examining their DNA sequence. "My mom knew an employee at this company, and that's how I was drawn into it," Szymanski said. In fact, both of her parents work in the sciences. Because of her familiarity with the scientific world, she's very drawn to it. "I can see myself pursuing a career in healthcare," she said. "After this experience, I think it would be a lot of fun."

Rachel Szymanski, Staff Writer

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