Vaughn Luthringer
Only fourteen, Vaughn Luthringer has taken robotics as her lifelong passion since she was five. From robots that climb beams to robots that play soccer, Luthringer attends a "Robotics for Fun" program in Oakland that teaches her the mechanics of robotics. "It's challenging and no matter how much you do there's always something more to add," said Luthringer. "My favorite part is problem solving," which is a vital component that must be overcome in order to meet certain requirements on projects. After the robots are completed at the end of a month, Luthringer and her fellow classmates gather to present their work to one another as well as to their robotics teacher, Jutiki Gunter. Luthringer looks up to Gunter. "He always pushes you to try new things," she said. Luthringer is also inspired by prosthetic-building engineers. She hopes one day to use her talent in robotics to have a career as a bioengineer, "helping people and including my passion of robotics."

Vaughn Luthringer, Staff Writer

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